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Reliably Engel – 30 years and counting

by on 26th August 2015 in Camping Fridges | Add comment
What a magic machine! The battered but recognisable Engel in the photo is testament to how tough these fridges are. For nigh on 30 years this fridge has lived in the back of a mates farm ute, often not tied down, always uncovered and out in the weather.  Read More...

Trail Bike Adventures – Food for Touring

by on 19th August 2015 in Adventure | Add comment
Welcome to my series of Adventure Bike Rider articles. I'll be giving away tips to setting up your bike for an adventure on two wheels, like most adventures there many things to consider.  Read More...

Deuter Giga Daypack – a brilliant all-rounder

by on 12th August 2015 in Backpacks | Add comment
I have used the GIGA as a daypack for a wide range of walks and all-day bike rides, carrying waterproofs, food and water for the two of us easily.  Read More...

Goog’s Track – South Australia’s Rugged West

by on 5th August 2015 in 4WD, Adventure | Add comment
A narrow, single lane sandy track that many liken to the Simpson Desert, the Googs Track is probably not a bad test to undertake before a Simpson crossing.  Read More...

How to manage condensation in your tent

by on 29th July 2015 in Tents | 3 comments
You can't stop this from occurring in certain conditions, but there is a simple way to minimise the severity of condensation in your tent.  Read More...

Fantastic new camping gear from Coleman

by on 22nd July 2015 in Lanterns, Sleeping Gear, Torches | Add comment
We saw some exciting new products from Coleman at a recent trade show, some of which have made it into our store already, so let's check them out....  Read More...

Water, Waste, the W.C and outback etiquette

by on 16th July 2015 in 4WD, Caravanning, Family Getaways | Add comment
Things are different 'outback', and uninformed comments on sites like Travel Advisor and WikiCamps may have a detrimental effect on people‚Äôs livelihood.  Read More...

The MSR Pocket Rocket Stove – Product Review

by and on 8th July 2015 in Gas Stoves, Hiking | Add comment
Reliable, durable and somewhat of an outdoor institution, I'm pretty sure the PocketRocket has remained unchanged in its design for decades.  Read More...

Pop, pop, pop-up your campsite

by on 2nd July 2015 in Camp Kitchen | Add comment
Now you can 'pop-up' more than just your tent in the campsite with an ever increasing range of collapsible camp accessories. Read on to find out what's new.  Read More...
Snowys Camping Quick Tips

Camping Quick Tip #6 – Cleaning Clothes

by on 25th June 2015 in Camping Quick Tips | Add comment
How can your roof rack and a rough 4WD track wash your clothes? Read on to find out!  Read More...
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