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Swag or Stretcher

Stretcher tents – will they replace swags?

by on 31st March 2015 in Sleeping Gear, Swags, Tents | Add comment
If you thought sliced bread was still the greatest invention, check out the stretcher tent! Find out why they are a popular alternative to swags.  Read More...

5 items for every camping checklist

by on 25th March 2015 in Camping Tips, Family Getaways | Add comment
Don't wait until the day before your camping these things now, and add them to your check list for next time.  Read More...
Pitching a tent - camping for beginners

Camping for beginners – Pitch a tent – Part 1

by on 18th March 2015 in Tents | Add comment
Today’s tent designs are diverse and innovative, and knowing what to look for in a tent can be overwhelming. Having said that, there are still a few ‘golden rules’ you can follow when it comes to tent selection. Without further ado, let’s get started.  Read More...

Withdrawn Butane Cannister Stoves

by on 13th March 2015 in Camping Tips | Add comment
Is your stove safe? Get the latest updates on the butane cannister stove ban in South Australia and New South Wales.  Read More...

Strzelecki Track Part 1 – A history lesson

by on 12th March 2015 in 4WD, Adventure | Add comment
The South Australian government is currently considering sealing the Strzelecki Track and a sealed road from Queensland is not too far away, so if you want the true outback experience don't wait too long to get out there.  Read More...
Carabiners for Hiking

My top 10 hiking hacks for making trail life easy

by on 5th March 2015 in Hiking | 4 comments
Planning a hiking trip? Use these hacks to make life easier on the trail.  Read More...

Companion Pro Hiker 1 – Snowys tent review

by on 25th February 2015 in Hiking Tents | Add comment
The sky’s the limit with lightweight hiking tents, but sometimes you just want a tent that does a good job without a scary price-tag.  Read More...
Four seasons

Understanding tent types and ratings

by on 19th February 2015 in Tents | Add comment
Unfortunately, there is no "black and white" answer to tent classification. Use this guide to narrow your tent choice before you get bogged down in small details like number of rooms, awnings, accessories and fabrics.  Read More...
Ants in your campsite?

Camp essentials you’ll probably forget to pack

by on 11th February 2015 in Camping Tips | Add comment
All your camp preparation can quickly come undone if a few very basic items are not part of your kit.  Read More...

Coleman Dual Fuel Stoves and Lanterns

by on 5th February 2015 in Camp Kitchen, Gas Stoves, Lanterns | 2 comments
We spoke to our Coleman representative Darren to get answers to the most common questions asked by customers regarding their Dual Fuel range.  Read More...
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