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Campfire in Winter

Crisp Air, Campfires & Damper – This is Winter

by on 24th July 2014 in Camping Tips, Sleeping Gear | Add comment
Winter camping takes a bit more thought in preparation, but there are countless benefits to hitting the great outdoors when the temperature goes south.  Read More...
Easy Camp Oven Damper Recipe

Delicious Camp Oven Damper – The Easy Way

by on 17th July 2014 in Camp Kitchen, Camp Ovens | Add comment
There is little more Australian than warm campfire cooked damper on a winter camping trip. Let me show you what is possibly the easiest way to make a delicious damper and wow your friends and family with campfire cooking expertise!  Read More...
Australian Red Cross App

Australian Red Cross – there’s an app for that!

by on 10th July 2014 in 4WD, Adventure, Camping Tips, Travel | Add comment
How would you deal with a camp fire burn, a broken arm or an asthma attack in the outback? - This app will help you!  Read More...
Camping Fridge Buyers Guide

Camping Fridge Buying Guide – the top 10 factors!

by on 7th July 2014 in Camping Fridges | 2 comments
A camping fridge is a big investment. It’s likely to be the most expensive item in your camping kit, this buying guide will help you choose wisely. You may not need the most expensive fridge on the market, they come with a variety of features suitable for all users and budgets.  Read More...
Are You Covered - Snowys Blog

Are you well covered? – a sobering tale.

Normally we never leave valuables in our vehicle overnight but on this occasion we were slack and paid a heavy price - over $7000, and we were asleep in the van no more than 3 metres away!  Read More...
First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits are like insurance – is yours up to date?

by on 30th June 2014 in 4WD, Camping Tips, Hiking | Add comment
We Aussies have a “she’ll be right” attitude, but a first aid kit is like insurance, you never know when and if you’ll need it, so it’s better to have a good one and learn some basics before you set off on a journey.  Read More...
Simpson Desert

Simpson Desert Alert – The rules have changed

by on 26th June 2014 in 4WD, Adventure | 2 comments
Has all your pre - planning included checking out the latest restrictions? Be aware that since the opening of the desert in 2014 there have been two significant rule changes.  Read More...
Cameras for Travel

The Best Camera for a Happy Snapper Holiday

About twenty five years ago, I made the big mistake of taking a huge stills kit (film) on our first family overseas holiday to Fiji, lesson learnt and from then on we’ve had a variety of little point and shoot style cameras that easily fit into a pocket or carry case.  Read More...
Duck Season

If it quacks like a duck – LOOKOUT! A cautionary tale.

by on 19th June 2014 in Adventure, Camping Tips | Add comment
At 5:30 the next morning we seemingly found ourselves in the middle of World War 3. A cacophony of shotgun blasts seemed to come from all directions, not to abate until well into the daylight hours.  Read More...
Snowys Quick Tips

Snowys Camping Quick Tip #5 – The Truckies Hitch

by on 16th June 2014 in Camping Quick Tips | Add comment
I regularly deliver canoes and kayaks to paddlers, and use the Truckies Hitch to ensure the delivery is safe and secure on my trailer. Although there are a number of ways to tie the Truckies Hitch, I use the following method as I find it quick to tie and easy to undo.  Read More...
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