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Pop, pop, pop-up your campsite

by on 2nd July 2015 in Camp Kitchen | Add comment
Now you can 'pop-up' more than just your tent in the campsite with an ever increasing range of collapsible camp accessories. Read on to find out what's new.  Read More...
Snowys Camping Quick Tips

Camping Quick Tip #6 – Cleaning Clothes

by on 25th June 2015 in Camping Quick Tips | Add comment
How can your roof rack and a rough 4WD track wash your clothes? Read on to find out!  Read More...
How to Start A Campfire

Camping for Beginners – Start a Campfire

by on 18th June 2015 in Camping Tips | Add comment
Now, you could get all extreme by rubbing two sticks together, lighting a ball off whispy grass in your hand and thumping your chest in a 'Bear Gryll'-esque display of survival prowess. Or, with good preparation, you can get a fire started much easier.  Read More...
Clothing layers

Layering clothes for cold weather travel

by on 11th June 2015 in Travel | Add comment
A quick check of the weather shows it is now 8⁰C and feels like 1⁰C! I am pacing around a carpark in the Peaks district in the UK waiting for an RAC van arrive and help us with our broken down vehicle.  Read More...

The Anne Beadell Highway – a remote desert adventure

by on 3rd June 2015 in 4WD, Adventure | Add comment
The first thing to know is that the highway is really a track – named after road builder Len Beadell’s wife, the grand label is a reflection of his cheeky sense of humour.  Read More...

Can I fit a camp stretcher in that tent?

by on 28th May 2015 in Sleeping Gear | Add comment
A combination of stretcher height (45cm in my experiment) and a sloping tent wall meant that some measurements I took in our tent display reduced the space for a stretcher by up to 45cm.  Read More...

Camping for beginners – Pitch a tent – Part 3

by on 20th May 2015 in Tents | Add comment
You've chosen your tent, you've found a campsite, now we'll go through the process of actually setting up your tent, as well as how to pack it up and good maintenance practices.  Read More...

Strzelecki Track Part 3 – Get prepared

by on 14th May 2015 in 4WD, Adventure | Add comment
Guide to acommodation, distances, facilities and useful advice so you can plan a safe and enjoyable 4WD touring trip along the Strzelecki Track.  Read More...

How to use The Trangia Outdoor Stove

by on 6th May 2015 in Gas Stoves, Hiking | Add comment
In this blog, we'll show you how to fill, light, adjust and extinguish the burner, and we'll cover fuel consumption and storage, plus much more.  Read More...

Product Review – The Oztent Gecko Chair

by on 29th April 2015 in Camping Furniture | Add comment
One thing that has alluded me after 40 years of camping and caravanning is the perfect camp chair. My excuse is that I don't think it exists, but I'll be pretty happy with this one for some time to come.  Read More...
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