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The Birdsville Track – for lovers of the Outback – Part 2

by on 18th December 2014 in 4WD, Adventure | Add comment
Part 1 of this article focussed on the things to see along the track. This time I'll cover at the practicalities of travel in this area and provides information to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.  Read More...

Half a lap in 7 weeks – An Australian Road Trip

by on 11th December 2014 in 4WD, Adventure | Add comment
From a flippant discussion to a split decision we went from decision to departure in under six weeks. Bought a car and a caravan, filled it full of whatever we deemed necessary and we were off; It was not a relaxing holiday but it sure was an awesome one.  Read More...

Caravanning in the Australian Outback

by on 5th December 2014 in Adventure, Caravanning, Family Getaways | Add comment
With a bit of extra care, some simple preparation, and knowledge of your vans limitations, you can take a conventional caravan off the black top and into the great Australian Outback.  Read More...
Hiking Fitness

Fitness for Hiking

by on 27th November 2014 in Adventure, Hiking | Add comment
I hear you pleading, "Please. Can we just leave fitness out of this one thing in my life? I worry about what I eat, what I drink, and how active I am every day... Do I really need to think about how fit I am to enjoy the outdoors?"  Read More...
Birdsville Track

The Birdsville Track – for lovers of the Outback – Part 1

by on 20th November 2014 in 4WD, Adventure | Add comment
The Birdsville Track is well travelled, being a supply route to the stations along the way and still fulfilling its original role as a major stock route, bringing animals from as far away as the Queensland Channel Country to markets in Adelaide.  Read More...
Overseas Travel

Travel Temptations – My Pre-Departure Shopping List

by on 13th November 2014 in Travel, Travel Tips | Add comment
What do I really need to take for a comfortable extended overseas trip knowing I will indulge in some luxuries but also camp, paddle, walk and ride?  Read More...
southern cross

Bush Astronomy – A Couple of Pointers on The Southern Cross

by on 6th November 2014 in Camping Tips, Family Getaways | Add comment
If you need to get your bearings from the Southern Cross, first let me ask: what are you doing outside, in the dark, without a compass?  Read More...

Respect Tyre Pressures – use a Quality Air Compressor

by on 30th October 2014 in 4WD, Caravanning | 1 comment
Like a lot of people when we started camping, we went for cheaper budget items. Big lesson, you get what you pay for and quite often it won’t do the job properly, this applies to all camping and vehicle accessories. Find out what to look for in a quality Air Compressor.  Read More...
Stuart Highway Northern Territory

Linger Longer On The Stuart Highway – Part 2

by on 23rd October 2014 in 4WD, Adventure | 1 comment
As you continue north, the humidity increases and you are presented with waterfalls, hot springs, swimming holes and crocodiles, culminating in Darwin, Australia's only tropical capital city.  Read More...
The Ultimate Camping Tip Compilation

The Ultimate Camping and Caravanning Tip Compilation

by on 16th October 2014 in Camping Tips, Caravanning, Family Getaways | 1 comment
Print it out, fold it up and keep it in your glovebox, here is the ultimate list if camping and caravanning tips.  Read More...
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