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Stuart Highway South Australia

Linger Longer On The Stuart Highway – Part 1

by on 1st October 2014 in 4WD, Adventure | Add comment
The Stuart Highway starts at Port Augusta and takes a pretty direct northerly route to Darwin, all up nearly 3000km that can be easily covered in less than a week. However, to do this would be to miss out on some of our most stunning landscapes and very intriguing towns.  Read More...
Jaffle Iron

Lets talk about the Jaffle Iron

by on 29th September 2014 in Camp Kitchen | Add comment
Whilst packing for a recent outback trip the the shiny, unused appearance of my Jaffle Iron made me take notice, and consider if I should take it on another trip, only to bring it back unused - again. Thankfully I took it with me.  Read More...
Sea To Summit TPU Phone Case

The Waterproof Case That Saved my Phone

by on 25th September 2014 in Adventure, Tools and Electronics | Add comment
Recently I had my kayak jammed on rocks with water pouring over the deck, attached to the deck were my maps and mobile phone. Find out what happened next.  Read More...
Campsite Security

Security, at the campsite – she’ll be right!

by on 19th September 2014 in Camping Tips, Caravanning, Family Getaways | Add comment
Apparently new age thieves don’t go for breaking glass and hot wiring, they are targeting cars with keys inside - Don't get caught out, read these tips.  Read More...
Oodnadatta Track Part 3

Oodnadatta Track Part 3 – William Creek to Oodnadatta

by on 11th September 2014 in 4WD, Adventure, Caravanning, Family Getaways | Add comment
The last leg of this journey follows a well maintained track and culminates at Oodnadatta, the hottest place in Australia and home to the Pink Roadhouse.   Read More...
Fathers Day - Snowys Outdoors

The Top 5 Snowys Fathers day gifts!

by on 2nd September 2014 in Camping Tips | Add comment
If your anything like me, you’ve probably left your father’s day present to the last minute, and you may be racking your brain as to what to get him. Here is a little insight into our most popular father’s day gifts, to help give you a few ideas!  Read More...

Roast Lamb in the Camp Oven – 6 steps including gravy!

by on 28th August 2014 in Camp Kitchen, Camp Ovens | 1 comment
Gourmet camp oven roast lamb and veggies on your plate, cold drink in your hand, comfortably seated around a glowing campfire - Bush camping bliss!  Read More...
Beresford - Oodnadatta Track

Oodnadatta Track Part 2 – Lyndhurst to William Creek

by on 21st August 2014 in 4WD, Adventure, Caravanning, Family Getaways | Add comment
The sealed road is now behind you and for some, the real adventure begins. Moving into the heart of the South Australian outback, there is no shortage of things to see along the way, and there are some terrific places to stay overnight.  Read More...
Coongie Lakes Kayaking

Coongie Lakes – An Outback Oasis

by on 18th August 2014 in 4WD, Adventure, Family Getaways | Add comment
As you crest the top of the sand dune the view that greets you is almost unfathomable, a massive expanse of water hemmed in by sand dunes.  Read More...
Camping Checklist

Remember Everything with a Camping Checklist

by on 14th August 2014 in Camping Tips, Caravanning | Add comment
I always used to smile at our son’s habit of writing lists, I smiled until one day, early in our caravanning days, when we forgot to take the hand brake off our van and drove for a short distance wondering what was wrong with the car.  Read More...
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